de[CAM]eron don’t let me sw/EAT

Based on the Decameron of Boccaccio, few people decided to renegotiate the ritual, the ceremony, the vitalism of life.


24th May, 6 PM
Galéria MEDIUM, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava

Duration: until 28th

Facing the Anthropocene collapsing age, trespassing the evidence of the global failure… To reformulate an ethico-aesthetic paradigm. Where philosophy, physiology, sexuality and technologies are intertwined, intricate. This specific ‘ZeitGeist’ altered definitively the rules of the means and the meaning. They use emerging logic as apparatuses of knowledge and simultaneously process of fabrication, assuming (n)certainties, (n)determinism, disruptive logic, heuristics feedback as agents of attitudes and form, where lines of subjectivities are triggering principle of realities and strategies of escape. Where biology, technology, robotic, anthropology are in symbiosis &  synesthesia.

The Exhibition will unfold the research of one of the AFAD Studio with prototypes, scale one structures, design, robotic processes, discourses, movies, for RealismF(r)iction agenda.


François Roche     


Júlia Kolláthová

Curators / With:

Michaela Krpalová

Jakub Samuel 

Sára Krčmáriková 

Štěpán Krahulec

Natália Štundová 

Chloé Tissier 

Elisa Coquel

Patrícia Chamraz


A group show by




Studio AFAD /2019