Student ID card

Information on ISIC Card

International Student Identity Card ISIC is the only internationally-recognized student ID proving a status of a full-time graduate student at the university. Cards have been issued since 1953 by an international organization ISTC (International Student Travel Confederation) under the auspices of  UNESCO

In Slovakia the card is issued by the organization CKM-SYTS.

What the Card Offers

Fantastic discounts at home and abroad on admission fees to historic sights, museums, cultural and sports facilities, summer festivals, winter skiing, concerts, transport discounts, accommodation, food, or purchase of goods and services current discounts list 

In  120 countries, where ISIC is valid, you can contact in person or by phone the national organization which will provide you with further information

Validity of the Card

The card is valid for 13 months, i.e. from the beginning of the academic year to September of the following calendar year, in which the academic year finishes. ISIC 2017/2018 is valid from Sept 1st  2017 to Sept 30th  2018. The card can be purchased anytime during the current academic year. During the validity period of the card CKM-SYTS processes personal data of the card holders in the CKM ONLINE information system. It provides a personal data transfer to CCD (Central Cardholders Database). The owner and administrator of CCD is its parent company called IAS (International Association Services) in the Netherlands. For more information on how to use the card in practice please visit the webpage CKM-SYTS – frequently asked questions and find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Those who are interested in this card as well as in the membership in  CKM-SYTS can approach the Study Department of the school or write an email to the agenda administrator, that will provide them with additional information.