The focus of the Department ranges from free creation to design.

During their studies at the Department, the students get familiar with textile as a fine-art instrument which can help them to develop their surface and space perception. They learn about texture and structure of the material, about effect of its colouring as well as textile techniques. The practical studies are supplemented by theoretical subjects, which broadens the students´ knowledge in the field of textiles. Thanks to new technologies, the Department intends to improve production procedures of new textile materials, textile designs, prototypes in fashion and textile design and experimental textile works.

Department of Textiles


Division Chairperson


Technical staff


External employees:

Mgr.art. Broňa Žúrková Brůčková, ArtD.
Mgr. art. Anna Blonská
Mrg.art. Soňa Sadílková, ArtD.
Mgr.art. Veronika Muchová

Doctoral students:

Mgr. art. Maja Božović Bažik
Mgr. art. Ludmila Haring (external)
- subject: Udržateľnosť v odevnom/textilnom dizajne a výrobe I., II.
Mgr. art. Alexandra Opoldusová
- subject: Digitálna kresba ihlou
MA Petra Vicianová