Sculpture, Object, Installation

The Department of Sculpture, Object, Installation intends to connect the tradition with the current perspective of the fine arts.

Department offers study of classical techniques as well as the latest trends in three-dimensional fine arts, from classical object, installation or interactive scuplture to conjunction with new media, animation, video and videoinstallation.

The offer of specialized subjects varies from figure drawing and modeling to work with traditional sculptural materials, such as wood, stone, plastic, metal or bronze.

The Department doesn´t only offer basic opportunities of study, but also new subjects led by invited native and foreign lecturers, as well as various workshops and plein air sessions.

When searching one´s own opinion and style, it is crucial to confront own practices with the tendencies of contemporary art.

The Department is composed of two studios with two different focuses. The studio lead by Doc. J. Hoffstädter is about the sculpture (object, installation…) – objective as well as subjective, in the most personal sense. The studio of Doc. P. Kovačovský is focused on sculpture in the architecture or in public space overlapping to other media.