Division of Drawing

The Division of Drawing (DD) is a distinct organizational unit within the educational structure of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava (AFAD). Its individual instructors teach the discipline of drawing, each of them with a specific program.

The Division of Drawing dates its origin back to the beginning of the 2008/2009 academic year. In the past, an identically named formation had already existed at AFAD, but it offered classes of this specialized subject only to those departments, which have had their lesson hours reduced and credit requirements set lower. Even though at that time the rest of the drawing teachers at AFAD served as members of other departments, it is possible to trace continuity here.

At present, lessons in this classical art medium are offered to all AFAD students for whom the subject of drawing is either compulsory or elective, by the seven teachers united inside the DD. For the particular needs and requirements of AFAD´s departments, the teachers at the DD have created and adapted their own teaching programs. As a result, each department at AFAD has its “own” drawing instructor. The concepts of drawing lessons and the assignments vary from one teacher to another, but are primarily focused on exercises, in which the DD differs from standard studios.