Conservation and Restoration

Study of restoration is a founding department at the AFAD. In preparatory classes the students learn to orient themselves in painting or sculpture expressing and feeling, while from the beginning the understanding of the entire restoration process.

Students are guided to maximal artistic and ethical responsibility, and get acquainted with autonomous role of restorer in the structure of memorial care, gallery and museum practice. Students may specialize in the restoration of printed works of art, stone or wooden sculptures.

Department of Conservation and Restoration


Division Chairperson



External employees:

RNDr. Roman Fíra, PhD.
Mgr. Marián Havlík, PhD.
doc. Ing. Oto Makýš, PhD.
JUDr. Mgr. Tomáš Michalík, PhD.
doc. RNDr. Daniel Pivko, PhD.
doc. Ing. Anna Ujhélyiová, PhD.
Mgr. art. Jana Zaujecová, ArtD.

Doctoral students:

Mgr. art. Ida Radványiová
Mgr. art. Martina Šottová
Mgr. art. Jana Dušková
Mgr. art. Luboš Machačko
Mgr. Ján Sikoriak
Mgr. art. Ingrid Ondrejičková Soboslayová
Ľuba Wehlend, akad. mal.