PRO ART n. f.

The non-investment fund PRO ART "n.f." was established in 1997 with the aim of supporting school development projects, helping to modernize teaching systems, textbooks and teaching aids, technical equipment of the school, but also the organization of exhibitions, workshops, presentations and study visits.

The purpose of the fund is the development and protection of intellectual property, as well as the protection and promotion of education, in particular:

  • support for development projects of the Academy of Fine Arts,
  • modernization of systems and content of art education,
  • cooperation and contacts between art schools and art associations, non-investment funds and foundations of the same ideological focus in the country as well as abroad,
  • modernization of material and technical equipment for further development of teaching and education in the field of fine arts and design,
  • modernization of textbooks and teaching aids,
  • support of study trips of students and teachers abroad and stays of foreign students and teachers in Slovakia,
  • initiating events, trainings, conferences, courses in order to promote all forms of fine arts and design,
  • providing special support to students and school teachers in exceptional cases.