The structure of divisions at the Department of Design takes into account the fact that the design extends to a wide sphere of creation of utility artifacts - from a solitary or batch production to a mass production.

The educational methods are conditioned by actual requests of real life and the need to develop humane values of utility creation with emphasis on social, environmental and cultural issues and also on the field of specific identity of human individuality.

Currently, the Department consists of training course and four specialized studios. The study programme also includes study stays in abroad, cooperation with local and foreign producers and with design departments from other schools. The Department regularly presents results of its work at exhibitions.

Department of Design


Division Chairperson


Technical staff


External employees:

Ing. Andrej Červeňan
Ing. Peter Červinka
doc. RNDr. Radoslav Beňuš, PhD.
prof. Dr. Ing. Marián Murgaš, CSc.

Doctoral students:

Mgr. art. Martin Franzen
Mgr. art. Eva Šimonovičová Rutová
Mgr. art. Pavol Soukal
Mgr. art. Petra Rybánska

Václav Kautman, akad. soch. (external form)
Mgr. art. Radovan Labaš (external form)