Information on Academic Information System AIS

For AiS, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer from version 8 and Mozilla from version 4

Academic Information System (AIS) is being used at AFAD, and it is designed for recording and organizing all activities associated with the study. AIS provides a student with the information about a schedule, courses, study plans, exams dates, as well as evaluation of the courses. AIS also allows students to enrol in study courses.

How to enroll in AIS

How to Use Ais Manual

Access to AiS is authorized through the name and password a student obtains during the registration.

Administration of Users

SSSP009 – Administration of users’ administration parameters

  • Possibility for a user to change his/her password

Human Resources

LZ014 – Search of a person, presentation:

  • Search of a person (student, employee, graduate), presentation of the person searched.

Record of Study

  • Administration of study record parameters

VSST010 – Administration of dates of events

  • Defined date intervals for the selected academic year.

Administration of Study

  • Administration of study programs, plans parameters

VSST010 – Administration of dates of events:

  • Defined date intervals for the selected academic year.
  • Outputs from study programs

VSST178 – Study plans, information letters, …study programs:

  • Outputs for study programs– study plans, information letters, syllabus of state-exam courses, … study program, pre-program

Electronic Noticeboard of Courses

VSST157 – Electronic noticeboard of a course:

  • Publishing links to the course regarding the academic year and course teacher (important dates, tasks, examples, …). By using an electronic noticeboard, a teacher can communicate with students who have enrolled in particular subjects and vice versa.


VSRH009 – Schedule for …:

  • Schedule for the selected academic year, semester for a teacher, student, centre, course, room, study program, year, group, subprogram, schedule window

Notices regarding Ais will be posted on the Ais page at the top of the menu (it is required to log in). For further information regarding Ais contact