Admissions – the doctoral studies

Conditions of acceptance and admissions procedure to the doctoral studies in the academic year 2020/2021 with the beginning of the study in the academic year 2021/2022

Applicant to the doctoral studies at AFAD can become a student of the chosen study programme based on a completed admission procedure. If the student has completed the master study, i.e. the second level study programme, they can apply to admissions to AFAD, which will be conducted on 29. – 30. 6. 2021, and become a contender for one of the doctoral study topics. Part of the admissions to the doctoral studies at AFAD is an admission interview, whose purpose is to examine applicant’s skills and abilities to independently and creatively fulfil admission requirements of the doctoral studies at AFAD. 

Applicant to the doctoral studies at AFAD will apply to one study programme by applying for one of the doctoral study topics (they can chose from full-time day form of study, or a distance form of study if offered). Dissertation topics are given by the AFAD rector, at least two month prior to the date for the submission of the applications to the available doctoral study programmes.  Applicant can apply to one of the following study programmes:

  • Fine Arts
  • Design
  • Restoration
  • Architecture
  • History and Theory of Art and Architecture

Applicant to the doctoral level study at AFAD will fill in and send an online application, which will be placed at the school web page from 27. 3. 2021 to 31. 5. 2021.

After submitting the electronic application and annexes (see below) subsequently between 1 June 2021 from 6.00 am until 20 June 2021 until 8.00 am, the applicant enclose a portfolio with other documents required for admission procedure through web page, acess data and manual will be send via e-mail.

  • CV and detailed account of artistic or publishing activity in the form of a portfolio.
  • Brief proposal of the dissertation project, which has to be in accordance with the topic that the applicant has applied for.
  • A copy of the second level study diploma. In case of international diploma, official translation to Slovak is required
  • international applicants, and applicants who studied abroad, will, in case of being accepted to AFAD,  submit the official acknowledgment of their education certificates/diplomas issued internationally no later than by the closing date for the enrolment to the studies.
  • A copy of documents accompanying the diploma, or a transcript of completed subjects with their GPA (grade point average), certified by the study department of the relevant university (applicants from other universities than AFAD), and in case of an international document, official translation to Slovak language is required.
  • proof of admissions fee payment
  • documents of completed language exams (in case there are any)
  • Applicants for the topic in the Fine Arts study programme are recommended to apply one year after they have completed their master study

In case of problems with enclosing of data, please send all required documents on e-mail in one joint PDF format (maximum up to 8 MB).

A 40 euro fee is to be paid via bank transfer:

  • Account number - IBAN: SK42 8180 0000 0070 0007 2516
  • Variable symbol: 649 003
  • Constant symbol: 0308
  • Specific symbol: six-digit number starting with 20 and followed by a four-digit number consisting of application filing number, in front of which zeroes are to be added.
    For example: if an application filing number is 37, specific symbol will be 200037
  • Account owner: Vysoká škola výtvarných umení, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, 814 37 Bratislava, Slovenská republika
  • Bank: ŠTÁTNA POKLADNICA Radlinského 32, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

Information on doctoral studies is provided by the AFAD study department

Admissions procedure

Admission interview will examine applicant’s level of knowledge, talent, thinking, skills and abilities in the terms of special demands given by the chosen doctoral study programme at AFAD.

Admission interview to the doctoral study is conducted before an admission committee appointed by the rector of AFAD and each study programme has its unique committee.

Committee will take into consideration applicant’s results from the completed master study programme (weighted GPA), but much more important for the committee will be the range, quality, and results of applicant’s artistic or scholarly publishing activity, and the activity in their field of interest (e.g. at student art works’ exhibitions, or results in student scientific and scholarly work, etc.).

Admission interview consist of the following parts:

  • foreign language test
  • presenting the portfolio of artistic or publishing activity by the applicant
  • presentation of the project and the topic of the dissertation
  • discussion between the committee members and the applicant
  • committee assesses and awards points to applicant’s portfolio, artistic, or publishing activity and the presented project of the dissertation

Each admission committee member awards points for the portfolio and the discussion with an applicant. Based on the sum of the points given by all the committee members individually, applicants’ ranking list is created. Assessment results and sum of the points are then submitted to the rector of AFAD, and he decides whether the applicant will be accepted to the AFAD study programme or not. Applicant will receive the acceptance decision in accordance with law and AFAD regulations.