List of Scholarships and their Award Conditions 

AFAD provides students with the scholarships from funds provided for this purpose from the state budget and from their own resources through a scholarship fund. From the state budget, AFAD provides students with a social scholarship, incentive scholarship and doctoral candidate scholarship for PhD students in the daily form of doctoral study.

Social Scholarship

Social scholarship is awarded to students of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree study who meet the conditions stated in the Article on Social Scholarship. A scholarship applicant is not entitled to social scholarship when he/she studies at the particular level of study (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree), after having completed this level of study at the different university or having exceeded the standard length of studies. After submitting a written application in the requested form to the AFAD Study Department, the scholarship procedure shall start. The application must contain all the data and documents necessary for the decision. Otherwise the Study department shall ask the student to complete the documents or add a necessary explanation. For this procedure a deadline of ten business days is set. The student is fully accountable for the accuracy of the data stated in the application.

Due date for evaluation of the scholarship award application shall be 30 calendar days after the date of delivery of the filled out and submitted application to the Study Department. If the Study Department appeals the student to complete the records or provide an explanation, this due date shall start from the date when the records were completed and the explanation was provided. The Rector shall decide on the right to a social scholarship award. The decision on whether the social scholarship shall be awarded or not is issued in two copies, one copy shall be delivered to the student and the other copy shall be recorded in the file which shall be archived for five years by Study Department. 

  • Information for applicants for the Social Scholarship in PDF
  • Decree of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic on awarding Social Scholarships to university students in PDF
  • Application for Social Scholarship Award in PDF

Incentive Scholarship

Incentive scholarship may be awarded to AFAD students from state budget funds for the following activities:

  • outstanding performance study obligations during the entire studies at AFAD
  • exceptional high quality (Bachelor’s or Master’s) thesis
  • achieving outstanding performance in artistic, research, development or sports activities

The Rector shall decide on awarding incentive scholarship after considering real financial sources of AFAD. The Rector shall make a decision on awarding the incentive scholarship in which he shall state the amount of incentive scholarship and reasoning for its award. Incentive scholarship may be awarded to a student at earliest in the second year of study and in the following years of study in the full time Bachelor’s and Master’s level of study, for the achievements from the previous semester, respectively for the achievements in the previous academic year. The student is not legally entitled to be awarded   incentive scholarship.

Doctoral Candidate Scholarship 

AFAD shall provide a student who is in the daily form of doctoral study with a scholarship if he/she has a permanent residency in the European Union, Norway, Lichtenstein, Island or Switzerland. The student is entitled to be awarded with the scholarship during the standard length of studies for which he/she has been admitted to, and only in case he/she has not already completed the higher education of the third level. The student shall receive the scholarship for the entire year from the first day of the calendar month following the day of the enrolment in doctoral study until he/she ceases to be a doctoral student.

Scholarships from AFAD own Funds

AFAD may award a student the scholarship from its own funds in the following cases:

  • outstanding performance study obligations 
  • achieving outstanding performance in artistic and research activities
  • as a single social support in case of a circumstance with serious health consequences
  • as a single social support or regular support in case the student has experienced a very unfavourable  personal situation (death of a parent, parents’ unemployment, parents’ divorce etc.) during the academic year.

Scholarship award application pursuant to this article can generally be submitted via the AFAD Study Department at the beginning of the academic year. The student shall attach all the necessary documents which shall warrant the facts decisive for awarding a scholarship. The application is considered by the AFAD Rector who before making a decision shall take into consideration the financial resources of AFAD, whereby the Rector’s decision is final.