Photography and New Media

The Department of Photography and New Media provides educational process in the context of photographic medium in response to free fine art. Concept of teaching in the Department seeks to combine the study of analogue and digital photography, computer programmes, new technologies and video.

Three studios create a basic unit of teaching process and main focus is given to principal of individual free creation reflecting the current contests of contemporary art within the photographic medium framework, frequently transcending the boundaries towards multimedia process. Wide variability of study programme structure is complemented by specialized subjects and a training course. Individual contents are designed in a way to cover the whole range of approaches in photographic medium from the perspective of technology, art and content.

Following the studio part of the teaching process its structure is complemented by specialized workshops and lectures. Teaching of specialized subjects is gradually transformed into a modular and block tuition which seems to be more effective model with regard to study results. There are also optional specialized subjects in the offer of study programme, which often relate to research or artistic activity of individual teachers and internal PhD candidates in interrelation with specific grants and cooperation with other institutions.