Printmaking and Other Media

The Department of Printmaking and Other Media is broadly conceived institute, enabling the development of visual thinking and feeling implemented in graphics and other media. Field trips, workshops, student foreign interships, and educational exchanges are also part of the educational process.

The Department of Printmaking and Other Media emphasizes the preservation of printmaking tradition and at the same time dynamically and flexibly responds to current trends, transformations in the field of printmaking and overlapping fields of individual media; the intermediality of visual arts. Within three studios, a laboratory of illustration and their helpful classes, the department gives space to develop students' own (individual) artistic language in the field of printmaking and illustration. Students have the opportunity to move freely across the media, in addition to mastering classical printmaking techniques, it allows them to experiment and create their own author´s techniques. In recent years, department has added classes reflecting the rapid development of digital technology, 2D graphics, the overlaps of graphic media into space, modern forms of illustration and book production. Modern technologies and forms, as well as the innovative use of classical printing techniques interact with the new character of students' thinking and thus bring new visual forms of printmaking in terms of content, materiality, technical processing and dimensions.