How to Prolong the ISIC Card

Submitting an Application:

Application for the CKM member for the academic year 2019 – 2020

  • The document can be downloaded on this page on the right. 
  • The application form which is filled out and signed  is to be submitted together with proof  of payment at the Study Department or in the office for ISIC card registration: 18 Hviezdoslavovo nám.,  room 54 (basement next to the lift)

Updating the photo:

Applicants for the copies of ISIC card have a possibility to update the photo on their card:

simultaneously by submitting the application with the photo by email or in the electronic form (JPG) to an email:

  • size 480 x 640 points (3:4) in color.
  • Light background, direct look, visible shoulders, no headgear and no shadows around.
  • Photos must be taken by the digital camera, not by a web camcorder of the notebook or PC. 

Fees associated with issuing:

  • new ISIC card:  €23,– (€10,– card + €13,–  ISIC licence)
  • copy of the valid ISIC card: €15,– (just for the card)
  • copy of the card with the prolongation of ISIC licence validity: €28 (€15,– card + €13,– ISIC stamp)
  • ISIC validation stamp: €13,– (prolongation of  ISIC licence validity)

Payment by bank transfer to the AFAD bank account:

  • IBAN:  SK42 8180 0000 0070 0007 2516
  • VS: 648006
  • SS: is identical as the one for admission fee payment (each student has a unique SS and can obtain it in the AIS2 system, when he/she clinks on the payment order in the section called fees.