Exhibition plan


Ludmila Hrachovinová: Participative Presence

Curator: Miroslava Urbanová

Annotation: Ludmila Hrachovinová approaches painting as a mediator of sensations, information, fragments of stories and experiences interconnected not only with our intellectual background but also with our perception of space, colours and structures at the physical level. She reflects on the potential of a hanging picture, stages well-planned moments of installation and adds performative acts. She moves within an extended field of painting.

Katarína Hládeková: Local Warming

Curator: Zuzana Janečková

Annotation: With ongoing society-wide changes in the background, the series Local Warming follows the ethical ambivalence of “everyday” choices made by a contemporary individual.

Katarína Poliačiková: Everything in the world began with a yes

Annotation: The title of the exhibition by Katarína Poliačiková is borrowed from Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector. The core of the presentation is an elaboration of Katarina’s original texts – she has been writing for a long period of time and text has become a natural part of her works. In particular, this exhibition should stress this aspect of her artwork. Besides her new works, Poliačiková intends to include also a selection of projects from the past two years, following the above-mentioned outline. The author’s intention is to construct the exhibition as a site-specific project where particular rooms and connecting spaces function as chapters of a coherent narrative. As in her entire art production, Katarína Poliačiková will create bridges between human and geological time, intimacy and science, small and big stories.

Breath and Tool

Artists: Matheline Marmy, Anthonia Brown, Anne Linke, Ramon Feller, Simon Fahrni

Annotation: The participating artists have individually immersed themselves in specific experiences as primary forms of research. Their research involves visiting a particular place beforehand – a forest, a cave, a stone, a rock, a tree. The phenomenological aspects of these places and the on-the-spot experiences are the starting points for the collaboration and the exhibition. Drawing from their chosen environment, each artist takes the experiences of the place into account, having developed what they call a “tool of observation”. During a two-week working period in Bratislava these “tools” will be used to create artwork in situ as well as incorporate previous works into the exhibition. Based on theories of embodiment, the project elaborates shifting physical involvement and communication as a way to make artworks in different contexts.

An Application for a Perfect Being

Curator: Peter Tajkov / Department of the Theory and History of Art, TUKE

Artists: Katarína Bajkayová, Peter Cako, Radovan Čerevka, Dávid Demjanovič, Jana Mikle,  Matúš Lányi, Leonard Lelák, Viki Lengyelová, Erik Sikora

Annotation: One of the impulses for this curatorial project was a remarkable work with a similar title by a student from the Studio of Free Creativity 3D, Faculty of Arts, TUKE. This fact (obviously minor within the whole project idea) corresponds with the effort to emancipate and intensify interaction within the student-tutor relationship. The exhibition will present works by two students, two graduates, two doctoral students and two pedagogues from this studio (K. Bajkayová, P. Cako, R. Čerevka, D. Demjanovič, J. Mikle, M. Lányi, L. Lelák, E. Sikora). In spite of the heterogeneous character of the approaches, this exhibition aspires to contribute to discussions about topics such as personality as a product of socialization, pathological anamnesis within the contemporary hypermodern society, coping with forced instructions of behaviour and consumption, self-medialization – status – narcissism, workaholism and burnout.

Modern Venuses

Students' exhibition of the Laboratory of Modern and Contemporary Painting Restoration

Head of the Laboratory of Modern and Contemporary Painting Restoration: Ľuba Wehlend (2018 – 2019), Dipl. Rest. Dr. Paul Bernhard Eipper (2020 – 2021)

Students of the Laboratory of Modern and Contemporary Painting Restoration: Ema Gerliciová, Marek Kocka, Jana Kviatkovská, Lenka Lešková, Kristína Luknárová, Barbora Peterková, Monika Rumanová, Eva Vídenská 

Author of the series Venuses: Ladislav Sutnar (1897 – 1976)

(all in acrylic medium)

The 20th century brought a number of new materials and techniques into the fine arts. In the process of conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary painting, unique, unpredicted problems arise. The aim of the training in the Laboratory of Modern and Contemporary Painting Restoration is to educate students to understand these materials, their ageing and to be able to find the restoration and conservation methods suitable for the treatment. These knowledge and skills are inevitable for the profession of restorer of modern and contemporary painting.

Barbora Jamrichová and Kristína Jamrichová: Poiésis of the Contingent Landscapes

Annotation: At a time of climate cataclysm, we can sense great stories are about to return. But an acidic, apocalyptic odour can evaporate even in small, single stories. In the planetary era when we are all and forever Earth, testimonies of seemingly insignificant individuals involved can appear crucial. We are interested in local ideas, concepts and negotiations about climate change and related events.

NOVUM Foundation: Pictures, Windows, Systems

Curator: Dr. Miroslav Haľák

Annotation: This new edition of the exhibition series by the NOVUM Foundation, presenting awarded artists and held jointly with a conference, deals with problems that have a deep historical basis as well as with current developments in information technologies. A window represented an important paradigm for the Renaissance perspective but at the same time its plural form – Windows – has become a title for one of the most popular operating systems. Both real and virtual windows create a framework and a context for perception of reality, and become an inspiration for creative people, including artists. A concept of system, its structure and functioning define a framework for a broader contextualization of the subject into a social existence and historical processes. This topic has also inspired artists from among the group awarded by the NOVUM Foundation in previous years. The exhibition and the conference will be documented by a publication, prepared in cooperation with Slovart Publishing Ltd.

Hommage à Isaac Bashevis Singer 

Curator: Beata Jablonská

Artists: Olja Triaska Stefanovic, Jana Machatová, Klaudia Kosziba, Ivan Csudai, Anton Čierny, Patrik Kovačovský, Tomáš Klepoch, Palo Macho, Rastislav Podhorský, Ľubo Stacho, Stanislav Stankoci, Erik Šille, Miroslav Žolobanič

The exhibition project Hommage à Isaac Bashevis Singer is one of those that go beyond the genre of exhibition. Not only by directly referencing a literary legacy, but especially by creating a spatial hypertext book in a wide dispersion of visual media. Composed of the reader's reflection on Singer's short stories, which is not an illustration of his storytelling mastery, but a pictorial contemplation of their Central European essence. One that is mirrored in the repeatedly lived stories of our living space—built on a precarious fate in an outwardly motionless time, on cultivated self-deception, and above all on humour, amidst the tragedy that is always lurking somewhere.

Paradoxes of Photographic Images by Boris Németh

Curator, author of texts: Juraj Mojžíš

Guarantee: Václav Macek

Exhibition architect, book designer: Marcel Benčík

The book Paradoxes of Photographic Images by Boris Németh will be introduced at the opening.

This project, by its pictures and text, aspires to defy a new view on the contemporary art production in Slovak photography. The production which successfully participates on a special critical view on everything that this world manifests. It is, most of all, a critical manifestation. Németh´s method of making our world visible by an eitherway critical view, using stronger or lighter paradoxes, undisputedly enriches the contemporary art of photographic image and thus intends to be a merit for the art historical research of Slovak contemporary fine art.

Pass it on! Aspects of Collaboration in the work of UMPRUM students

Curators: Vojtěch Märc, Klára Peloušková, Martin Vaněk, Markéta Vinglerová, Darina Zavadilová

Annotation: The works created by students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague focus on cooperation at various levels. The projects presented at the exhibition tackle this issue in terms of the methods and approaches used by their authors, as they rethink the established schemes of individual artwork, or in view of the actual subject and contents of the individual works.