Research and Art

Artistic and scientific research activities of the VŠVU realized within individual departments and the Research Center of the VŠVU.

The concept of the development of artistic and scientific research activities of the Academy of Fine Arts is based on the assumption that research is not only a basic starting point and accompanying process, but also a tool for the development and qualitative growth of education. In the field of art higher education, research is specific and touches on significantly differentiated study programs in the media. Artistic and scientific research activity in the educational process within individual fields of study is directly generated at the VŠVU from the results of creative activity and is a specific alternative to basic research as we understand it in another context. Artistic and scientific research activities support the qualitative development of the school, conditions the position of the university at home and in the international context. It is one of the most important goals of the school development strategy and competitiveness within the university environment in Slovakia.