Teaching languages

Language skills are essential for both studies and subsequent employment of graduates in current practice. As part of Internationalization as a long-term goal of AFAD, we emphasize the development of the language skills of students and school staff, the growth of the number of subjects taught in the English language, and the support of a stimulating international environment and climate at our school, including outgoing and incoming academic mobility at all levels, and the hosting of foreign lecturers and teachers.

English language

VŠVU under the direction of the Department of Art History and Theory (KTDU) provides English language teaching, with an emphasis on professional terminology necessary for artistic practice.

More information at the website of KTDU

English is not compulsory for AFAD students, but the test in this language is part of the selection procedures for outgoing academic mobility within the ERASMUS program and English is the usual official language within the administration of academic mobilities.

English is the gateway to a wide range of current information, resources and scientific studies from the world of art, including many resources for qualification papers; in the master's degree, texts in this language are also used in some theoretical subjects. Not least thanks to the large number of speakers in developed countries, English also offers a wide variety of methods and possibilities for studying other foreign languages.


Other foreign languages

Due to the overall size of the school, we do not provide systematic teaching of other languages. Based on inter-university bilateral credit recognition agreements, it is possible, as long as there is no schedule conflict, for our students to enroll in optional subjects, incl. languages, at other universities, e.g. at Comenius University, VŠMU or STU.

It is necessary to take the initiative, look for a suitable elective subject on other school's website, register at the study department of the other school and subsequently document the enrollment in and completion of said subject at the study department of AFAD.


Many opportunities for study or self-study and language practice exist outside the institutional framework, the matter can also be consulted on Support and Counseling center.