Studio of Fashion Design

Educational methods of the Studio are based on understanding the fashion as a whole, in all its aspects, as well as in reflection of culture and lifestyle.

BTBF - Born to be free
Natália Repkovská: BTBF - Born to be free.
Author of media: Tomáš Thurzo.
Priscila Palkovičová: Embroidery.
Light bodies
Michaela Turanská: Light bodies.
Finding Myself
Natália Repkovská: Finding Myself.
Author of media: Martin Tomečko.
Chaos is constant
Yaryna Lahoda: Chaos is constant.
Author of media: Olha Stepanian.
Make a virtue of necessity
Juliána Brnáková: Make a virtue of necessity.
Minimal Waste Story
Magdaléna Seppová: Minimal Waste Story.
Author of media: Nina Pacherová.

Barbara Shevchuk: Revival
Author of media: Angelina Fitsai.
Jana Vaterková: "Dievca".
Author of media: Kvet Nguyen.
Out of the blue
Monika Mandač: Out of the blue.
Author of media: Silvia Leitmannová.
Little White Dress
Zuzana Ľos-Božiková: Little White Dress.
Author of media: Nikita Bezecná.

The aim of the study is to expose the students to knowledge, to make them seek paths and discover horizons, through which they can come to creation of clothing as a unique artifact that can be created as ready-to-wear clothing and fashion collections. The teaching process is focused on experimenting with materials, form, design and technologies, based on craftsmanship, dressmaking tradition and purposefully selected assignments. Through specialized lectures and information on news in the fashion world, the students are led to creativity and individuality with high professional standard. The students are to learn to work with this information, to use it in their own work, as well as they need to search for their own sources of inspiration. To put in their work  their own authentic authorial elements, the students need to poessess knowledge on history of clothing, modelling, design and craftsmanship.




We thank the LECTRA company for making the software for digital cut modeling available to our students.

Studio of Fashion Design

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