Diploma works: 343 Fashion Show

We cordially invite you to the graduation show of the students of the Studio of Fashion Design 343 of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design to SNG


About the fashion show

On June 10, 2024, future graduates of the Studio of fashion design Tina Zsapka, Jaroslava Poliaková, Viktória Košíková, Filip Fecko, Lenka Vallová and Rudolf Šťastný will present their bachelor's and master's collections under the guidance of professor and academic painter Júlia Sabová in the premises of the Slovak National Gallery. .

Tina Zsapka

Like Fine Vessels presents Tina Zsapka's women's clothing collection, inspired by archaeological finds. The work combines traditional crafts with modern design and emphasizes ecological sustainability. The collection features ten models with silhouettes and textures inspired by prehistoric and ancient artefacts, using natural materials and techniques such as knitting and felting. The goal is to explore creative possibilities and contribute to a more ecological approach in fashion, while also reflecting historical and philosophical aspects of material culture.

Jaroslava Poliaková

Jaroslava Poliaková's collection is called We are already someone else and is based on Slovak folk clothing, but she looks at it critically. The goal is to connect traditional elements or craft techniques with the present. Important elements of the work are wit, light irony and playfulness, which is accentuated by the contrast of materials or colors using traditional and contemporary techniques.

Viktória Košíková

created the women's collection Nereida, which is inspired by the ancient Greek mythology of sea nymphs, known as nereids. The models represent the author's personal interpretation of the aesthetics of the underwater environment. The goal was to transfer the fairy-tale mythical theme of nereids into clothing with subtle elements of surreality and poetry.

Filip Fecko

For Filip Fecko, in his Topology perturbance collection, the inspiration was a dialogical understanding of the world, in which we perceive speech as a tool of understanding. In his work, he focuses on the visual treatment of the physical properties of black holes, which was motivated by analogical similarities between the hermeneutic horizon and the event horizon. He points out that learning any new language – in this case physical language – expands the horizon of our understanding of the world and thus our understanding of ourselves.

Lenka Vallová

in her collection PROTOPIA: memories of the future, reflects the author's coping with the state of today's world through the creation of her own imaginary worlds and dreams full of radically kind hope. The clothing collection is characterized by a return to the primordial relationship between man and nature, materialized in the simplicity and naturalism of the entire collection, through the use of experiments with natural dyeing, the choice of clean cut solutions or work with linen fabric.

Rudolf Šťastný

Rudolf Šťastný's capsule collection Transformation focuses on the modularity of clothing and does not recognize the boundaries of gender identity. The clothes are designed with an emphasis on technical details, year-round use and support for circular and sustainable textile and clothing production. The entire visual of the delicacy and romance of the collection is complemented by prints by Juraj Straka.


This project was financially supported by the Slovak arts council and the Tatra Banka Foundation, to whom we thank

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