Our help to partners in Lviv continues

Despite the difficult conditions, our partner school, the Academy of Arts in Lviv, continues in the education. We would like to help them overcome the difficult winter period and power outages by purchasing equipment that should enable students to continue working. However, we also need your help.


The war conflict in Ukraine has been going on for almost a year. After its outbreak, we tried to help especially those students who had to leave the country and we accepted them together with other schools. Since then, many of them have returned to their schools despite the fact that the war continues.

The Academy of Arts in Lviv continues to teach despite ongoing struggles and a difficult situation. It became a refuge not only for its own, but also for other students from other Ukrainian cities where schools had to close due to the war. But this time, the cold and lack of electricity make it difficult for them to continue their classes.

In cooperation with our friends from the Glasgow School of Art, we would like to make the current situation at least a little easier for the Lviv Academy and provide them with technology that cannot be found in Ukraine at the moment, such as generators, lamps, charging stations, etc. Considering the fact that this is a more powerful, but at the same time more financially demanding type of technology, we would like to turn to you with a request for help.



If you have the opportunity and means, we would like to ask you for a financial contribution to our transparent AFAD Solidarity Fund account, from which the purchases are made.



SK38 0900 0000 0051 7411 1336 (Slovenská sporiteľňa, a. s.)


Direct link to the Solidarity Fund account:



More about the AFAD Solidarity Fund:




Thank you in advance for your help!