Multi – layer Plein – air

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition, which presents the work and the process of realization of the studentship from the studios: 3EAM / Department of Painting and Illustration Laboratory / Department of Graphics and Other Media of VŠVU, which were created during the workshop in Artrooms Moravany.



  • Vernissage: Saturday 14 October 2023 from 16:00

  • Duration of the exhibition: 14 October – 12 November 2023


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Multi layer plein air - invitaton


The ambition of the project was to point out strategic procedures in building the image of 2D traditional media, such as paintings or graphic images. Multi-layer a.k.a. multi-layering in the construction of an image represents one of the fundamental ways in which it is possible to proceed in creating in both media at the moment.

Workshops and a cycle of lectures in Arrooms Moravany is tied to the place-specificity of the location of Moravany nad Váhom from a geological, cultural-social and archaeological point of view. The scope of non-union branches (indirectly related to the medium of painting and graphics) was supposed to offer workshop participants (VŠVU students) a wider spectrum of "local data with an overlap", which they will directly apply in painting-graphic workshops to "two dimensions" (2D traditional media).

The ambition of the plein air was to activate students' thinking about two-dimensional media (painting-graphics) as current multi-layered concepts with the ability to interpret and implement based on site-specific research, contexts and data. The achieved goal of this workshop was to redefine the concept of plein air as landscape painting rather towards thinking about the landscape "through a deeper dive" through the information and data obtained through the lectures. Part of the visual concepts should also be a reaction to the shape of the current landscape and the environment in which the students were during the workshop.



  • 3EAM / Department of Painting

    • (currently visiting students, school and inter-school mobilities)
    • Adam Priecel, Samuel Hošek, Oksana Sadovenko, Lilla Gombos, Daniela Illéšová, Kamil Šlapák Silvia Paučíková, Karolína Molnárová, Dajana Hroššová, Tereza Kontúrová, Paulína Gajerová
    • Miroslava Kubáňová / PhD student at the Department of Painting
  • Laboratory of Ilustration / Department of Printmaking and Other Media:

    • (currently visiting students, school and inter-school mobilities)
    • Marco Rapant, Sára Paldanová, Viktória Bálintová, Sára Somorová, Patrícia Babulíková
    • Charlota Horáková, Ellen Denková, Elizabeth Vargová
  • Visiting students from the Department of Theory and History of Art, AFAD:

    • Viktória Kucharčíkova, Fanny Pekarčíková, Hana Ontkocová, Nina Macková,
    • Damir Daniel Demovič
    • (Mgr. Beata Jablonská, PhD)


Concept: Rasťo Sedlačík / Tomáš Klepoch

  • Concept assistance and workshop implementation:
  • Tomáš Klepoch / Matej Fabian / František Demeter
  • Grant and project support: Dominika Husárová
  • Collaboration on project production: Miroslava Kubáňová
  • Spatial and technological provision of the workshop:
  • Artrooms Moravany / Zuzana Sabová, Vlado Višnovský, Economic administration of AFAD


The workshop and exhibition is a collaboration between the studios:

  • 3EAM / Department of Painting, Laboratory of Ilustration / Department of Printmaking and Other Media:
  • and Department of Theory and History of Art, AFAD in  Artrooms Moravany,


*co-financed by a KEGA grant namedDvojRozmer  no. 005VŠVU-4/2022