Studio 3EAM

3EAM – expanded studio of painting

I emphasize the topicality of themes in the current trends of the painting medium - in its processing, interpretation, and presentation towards expanded positions – in my concept of studio management.

The potential of this current painting "specificity" is motivating not only in terms of art, but it should be offered as one of the possible starting points in the pedagogical preparation of students for self-confident movement in the "art scene" after graduation.

The studio is a personal challenge, to show the students, through the assignments and guidance of teachers, the peculiarity of creating a painting in the expanded field of fine arts and its justification for existing. The challenge is in the creation of a studio with a concept that, with its basic statements, cooperates with the high current requirements for the quality and timeliness of topics.

The ambition of the concept and management of the studio is to broaden the horizon of the view of painting as a medium compatible with the current times in terms of content and visuals.

The concept of leading an expanded painting studio represents a space for the realization and the creation of feedback on the presented topics about the directions of contemporary painting. It has the ambition to create painting strategies and works an entry into a wide range of painting possibilities and its related painting techniques. The very acquaintance with these possibilities, currencies, and positions of the medium of painting represents several possible directions by which I want to lead the main line of teaching in the first semesters of the BA degree. The basic element of my concept will be dealing with painting as a medium accepting a wide range of formal and content procedures, based on the position of the painting medium in the broader context of visual culture. The aim of the concept is to acquaint students with the technologies that record and display reality, or otherwise manipulate the image, and thus significantly contribute to the transformation of the painting itself.

The possibilities offered by digital technologies are only a means to achieve new visual qualities of painting. The main moment of teaching at a BA level is the assignment of a range of topics to which the student responds with his choice and individual processing after consultation with teachers. This range of topics is a "guide" to how to deal with the thematic and referential aspects of painting.

The range of thematic topics presents the form of contemporary painting, referred to as "hybrid", since it combines and mixes several types of depictions and technological processes. Creating collaborations between individual studios creates preconditions for intermedia collaborations and overlaps. It aims to deal with painting as a medium beyond the 2D area of the image and represent a way of interactivity with other art disciplines.

With its cast and collaborations with other students from different departments, the studio represents an ideal space for this intermediate concept of cooperation, confrontation, and enrichment of students. The ambition of the concept of painting overlap is the contribution to the degree of interactivity of the pedagogical process in cooperation with the student and their visions and approaches to the given topic.

Studio 3EAM

Head of studio