AFAD at the Pohoda festival again this year

We are very happy that projects with the support of the AFAD will be presented this year as part of the visual arts program at the Pohoda festival. This time you can look forward to the statue omade by our doctoral student Diana Paulová or the performance and dance workshop of our graduate Viktória Revická.

Diana Paulová

Here for now, 2024


Festival Pohoda is a carefree oasis for many. A city that is created once a year and we wander in it and discover all kinds of sounds, colors and tastes. Our only concern is how to attach our temporary home to the hot earth. The site specific work "Here for now" depicts a tent peg, which becomes an attribute of summer comfort and at the same time opens up the theme of home, as the place where we have decided to stay for the time being.

Diana Paulová is a doctoral student at the Department of Design and at the same time the winner of this year's Pohoda Visual Art Contest. This winning proposal will be part of the Visual stage, where contemporary art is presented at the festival.

Paulová sculpture at Pohoda 2024

"The work presents the object of a tent peg, which the author enlarges to a monumental size. The motif of the pin is a funny, but at the same time touching tribute to a seemingly insignificant object, without which the festival could not function. It is a universal object that costs a few cents, but it is invaluable when building a temporary home, it is mobile in itself, people borrow pegs and a special level of solidarity and coexistence arises in the temporary festival home. The reference to the theme of home, nomadism, temporary refuge and chosen place to live is very strong and relevant in the work - in the current social context of migration, but also in our post-election discourse, where to move, whether to go or stay - and where to sink anchor, even if only temporary. The work by Diana Paulová is an excellent response to our current experience, and at the same time, with its site and context-specific nature, it has the potential to become a monument of the Pohoda festival," adds the Artistic Director of EHMK Trenčín 2026 and Visual Art Contest juror Lenka Kuricová to the work.

Viktória Revická

Performance: Fermented movement

Movement performance Fermented movement portrays the fermentation process. Performance becomes yeast in a fermenting culture that goes through its natural process - fermentation.
Inhuman movements of single cells, sounds and living essence of yeast, absorbs attention, relaxes bodies and sensitizes a world invisible to the ordinary eye.


Workshop: How to become yeast

We will experience what it is like to be a yeast, to live in a fermentation culture and undergo fermentation at the NAY dance house on Saturday from 11:30. After the workshop, you can join in the collective fermenting during the Fermented movement performance, which will be part of the program of this year's Visual Stage.

Performance:: (alphabetical)

Juraj Bilený, Dominik Dolník, Lucia Kupcová, Julia Pabst, Viktória Revická, Michal Zoller


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