Alumni Club

The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava would like to maintain contact with its graduates even after leaving the academy, as well as to help them start their professional careers, or to provide the opportunity to promote their work. Sending us the filled application, you can become a member of the AFAD Alumni Club and stay in touch with your alma mater!

It is now common for universities to try to follow the careers of their graduates. For this reason they establish alumni clubs, through which they create, maintain and develop contact with them. It is a mutual relationship - the academy informs about itself and invites to participate in events and activities that it implements. The graduates, in turn, bring their personal experiences that they have gained in professional and personal life since the end of their studies.

The AFAD Alumni Club wants to address graduates who are professionally and personally connected with this institution. We want to create a proper space where they can maintain contacts with their alma mater, classmates, teachers and colleagues. In addition, the AFAD would like to use specific steps to help emerging professionals start their careers. For this reason, the AFAD establishes cooperation with partners who, for example, provide their premises for the purpose of setting up studios (free of charge or for a small price), or offer the possibility to make an artistic residence abroad.

The AFAD also aims to inform the public and spread awareness about the activities of our graduates - how they are doing in their professional lives after completing their studies at our academy. This would be done through interviews published as part of the Oh_Deer podcast, the publication of exhibitions, projects and achievements on our website, as well as other forms of support and promotion.


Advantages of membership in the AFAD Alumni Club:

  • Informing about current school events, latest offers and open calls
  • Invitation to meetings of members of the AFAD Alumni Club
  • Free membership in the AFAD Academic Library

Goals of the Alumni Club:

  • to support contacts and develop relationships with AFAD graduates
  • provide support for starting a career, in the form of providing studios, residences, etc.
  • to inform the public about the activities and further professional career of AFAD graduates
  • collect data on the professional career and activities of their graduates


The AFAD Alumni Club is an informal association. Membership is voluntary and non-binding. If you are interested in becoming a member, receiving information about the activities on the academy and informing us about yours, fill out the application form.

Alumni Club Coordinator: