BADW 2022 awards for projects from the AFAD

Congratulations to all the winners who received prizes within Bratislava Design Week!

BADW 2022 awards for projects from the AFAD


- the project REVIVE! LYTHYALIN won in the Collection category. The group project was created as a result of a workshop within Studio Glass - Pavol Macho, Kristína Ligačová, Dávid Kurinec.


- in the Installation category, our students from the Department of Visual Communication Adriána Ondrušová and Katarína Plačková won the prize for their interactive audiovisual installation called E-MOTIONS.


- this year's AFAD graduate from the Studio of Experimental Design, Viktor Tabiš, won the BADW main prize with his diploma project The Original.



Other exhibiting designers from the AFAD as part of Bratislava Design Week 2022:



The situation surrounding the concept of start-up is currently relatively unclear. In the case of many projects, invention is mistaken for attractiveness and the social benefit is minimized in favour of economic profit. It is a challenge for designers to redefine their essence in the sense of searching for new approaches and innovative solutions, but also in the intentions of the current discussion about the role of designers in society and the responsible approach to the solutions they bring.

Students of the Studio of Experimental Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava under the supervision of Sylvia Jokelová and Marián Laššák continue to think about their future as part of the STARTUP project. Already in the second year of the project's duration, they bring other outputs, such as the results of the systematic building of their own design program, brand, as well as cooperation with experts who enter the process of creating a product, product line or service. At BADW 2022, students present the results of their projects in various stages of development and suggest further possible directions for their individual area of interest.

Experimental Design BADW
Experimental Design BADW, 2022.
Jural Olejár BADW
Jural Olejár BADW, 2022.
Volodymyr Serhachov BADW
Volodymyr Serhachov BADW, 2022.

The presentation is part of the research and educational project KEGA - stARTup, a new concept of teaching authors' design with regard to the employability of graduates in practice no. 008VŠVU-4/2021

Exhibiting students:

Lenka Ingeliová, Adam Kukuc, Adriána Adamová, Erik Vrábel, Juraj Olejár, Peter Marjak, Natália Golianová, Erika Remencová, Volodymyr Serhachov, Matej Kokles




Audiovisual interactive installation

The fragility of emotions - the action of feelings and their frequencies has a visible effect on our being.

E—MOTIONS enables confrontation with the invisible. It brings a path through which we can fully feel emotions. It accompanies us through the vortex of feelings from the lowest vibrating frequencies such as 37 hz — guilt, 50 hz — apathy, 77 hz — sadness, 100 hz — fear, 172 hz — pride through 230 hz — neutrality, 361 hz — acceptance to the highest vibrating frequencies , such as 592 hz — love, 701 hz — peace, 776 hz — joy, 1257 hz and 1378 hz — enlightenment.

E—MOTIONS offers us the experience of deeply sensing our personal frequency, which is accompanied by its visual representation. Therefore, we cannot only see emotions, but we can physically touch them and vibrate their unmistakable and unique sound.

Frequensee, 2022.
Frequensee, 2022.
Frequensee, 2022.

The work was created in the Studio Space at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.




– Collection of naturally coloured and dyed/printed textiles

(designs and realisation of patterns - workbook, sample book and recipe book, clothing design)

The emerging trend of slowing down and sustainability has also significantly affected the sector of textile and clothing production and processing. The use of natural dyes is becoming popular. However, many of the known natural dyes and mordents pose a significant ecological burden and risk. Their suitability for dyeing cotton (the most used textile fibre) is often limited due to its chemical structure (cellulose binds the dye less than, for example, proteins – silk, wool). The project aims to practically explore the possibilities of combining the knowledge of historical craft dyeing and printing techniques (using mordents, protein impregnations and reserves) with current technological and realisation possibilities.

The patterns are a sample of the patterns generated in the process of the experiment. By layering and changing the order of application and fixation of individual printing pastes, it is possible to achieve different colour shades. At the same time, the prints are dynamic patterns - the so-called evolving patterns, they change due to factors such as time, UV exposure, washing, etc.

The author invited clothing designer Barbora Peuch (prototyping and verification of patterns in clothing) and textile designer Petra Vicianová (printing with mineral pigments) to the project.

Zuzana Šebeková LYRDYP, BADW
Zuzana Šebeková LYRDYP, BADW, 2022.
Zuzana Šebeková LYRDYP, BADW
Zuzana Šebeková LYRDYP, BADW, 2022.

The project was supported using public sources by Slovak Art Council.




Opening: Zoya gallery, December 7, 2022, 6 p.m.

Project Revive! Lithyalin is focused on the revitalization of rare and demanding glass technologies in the design and visual work of contemporary authors. Under the guidance of doc. Mgr. art. Palo Macho held two interdisciplinary workshops in cooperation with Glassbor CZ in Nový Bor. With this historic technology, the authors experimented with a combination of traditional and author's approach and searched for new aesthetics transferred to the visuality of contemporary product design.

Technological knowledge is inherently fragile, it can be lost very easily if there is no continuity in its transmission. The intention of the project is not only the preservation of technological procedures, but also their further use in the context of contemporary art and art design. In the individual interventions in the blown shape, the author's drawing, painting gesture and sculptural processing of the shape by sandblasting, grinding and glass cutting accentuated. An important part of the project is the site-specific installation created in cooperation with doc. Mgr. art. Marcel Benčík, ArtD.

Revive! Lithyalyn, BADW
Revive! Lithyalyn, BADW, 2022.
Author of media: Jana Hojstričová.
Revive! Lithyalyn, BADW
Revive! Lithyalyn, BADW, 2022.
Author of media: Jana Hojstričová.
Revive! Lithyalyn, BADW
Revive! Lithyalyn, BADW, 2022.
Author of media: Jana Hojstričová.

The workshop was attended by:

Žofia Dubová, Zuzana Gállyová, Lucia Kupcová, Dávid Kurinec, Kristína Ligačová, Palo Macho, Katarína Pozorová, Pavla Pšenicová, Jakub Sojka, Anna Zbořilová.

The project was supported using public funding by Slovak Art Council and is part of the KEGA project.




The hat as an object has incredible possibilities. Its shaping can be approached as a "sculpture on the head" or as architecture, a "house on the head".

The collection consists of 10 pieces of hats. To model the headgear, I used the properties of the felt material, which allows unlimited play with form and shape. I layered several hats on top of each other. I wanted to create on the head a reflection of what is happening inside it. I was looking for the simplest way of connecting without textile intervention. I used needles as a simple connecting element.

Júlia Sabová, BADW
Júlia Sabová, BADW, 2022.
Júlia Sabová, BADW
Júlia Sabová, BADW, 2022.

Material: felt, silicone, aluminium




Beáta Gerbocová, Talk with me, BADW 2022, foto Nina Pacherová

Beáta Gerbocová, Talk to me, BADW 2022, foto Nina Pacherová

The work captures the fragile boundary of communication, which can be verbal and can be a silence. It can be understanding and it can be divisive. It can heal and it can hurt. It can bring together, but also divide. Hand weaving on digital jacquard looms.


About Bratislava Design Week

This years topic: FRAGILITY

Bratislava Design Week is the largest international event in Slovakia dedicated to contemporary design. This year, once again, it will take place during the Advent period, December 7 till December 14th. The main locations include the Bratislava City Gallery, ZOYA Gallery and many others.

This year's theme, FRAGILITY, is reflected mainly through transience, transformations, but also our "breaking down" in the everyday and our standing up again. We perceive fragility through feeling and understanding. Consideration. Its softness and delicacy is rare. We perceive it in many layers. It is not pushing anywhere. And only we can decide what we will be and what the world around us will be like. And there is not much time!



Galéria mesta Bratislavy/ Mirbachov palác, Zoya Gallery, Staromestská galéria Zichy, Český dom, Divadlo K, Lavish, slávica



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