AFAD ar Design Without Borders 2024

This year, the twentieth - jubilee - exhibition Design Without Borders (aka Határtalan design or Design Without Borders) is taking place in Budapest. Many exhibits of students, graduates and teachers of our school will also be represented! We cordially invite you to the exhibition!




Exhibitors from Slovakia / AFAD

Viktor Tabiš / Šimon Galanský / Patrik Illo / Aleksandra Stencel / Karol Weisslechner / Veronika Palúchová / Ivan Čobej / Patrícia Žvachová / Zuzana Kováčiková / Darina Mikušková / Ilarii Omelchenko / Lucia Vlčeková / Nina Štefániková / Sofia Anna Straková / Samo Hartiník / Tomáš Luknár / Zuzana kasanová / Matej Dubiš


About Design Without Borders

The exhibition was launched for the first time twenty years ago by the curatorial duo Szilvia Szigeti (textile design) and Tamás Radnóti (design). During its duration, it grew to its current format, covering dozens of countries. In addition to the presentation of a selection of interesting projects and approaches to design that stand out for their innovativeness or interdisciplinary approach ("without borders") to the general public, it also serves to meet and network the featured creators, especially as part of Professional day 10.5.

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The largest exhibition in Budapest is traditionally followed by the presentation of a short selection of works in Bratislava, in the Umelka gallery (see last year's event). There will also be guided tours with curators, where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the background of the exhibited pieces.


DWB 2024  invitation photo of a chair