Studio of Illustration and Printmaking

The illustration and printmaking studio provides a comprehensive art education in the field of illustration and art printing. The study is conceived as a set of theoretical knowledge and ability of its application in artistic practice. Teaching is implemented in the form of lectures, practical exercises and semestral projects. Students meet with teachers of individual specialized classes in regular consultations.

Illustrated puzzle, digital painting
Simona Jančíková: Illustrated puzzle, digital painting.
Someone with a Bag, mixed media
Lívia Suchá: Someone with a Bag, mixed media.
Mystic Dragon and Heavy Weekend, ink on paper
Andrea Čverčková: Mystic Dragon and Heavy Weekend, ink on paper.
Noro, digital comics
Patrícia Kleinová: Noro, digital comics.
Kamila Lenertová: intaglio.
Kraków, digital illustration
Daniel Rerko: Kraków, digital illustration.
Difficult days, embroidery and textile painting
Terézia Fillová: Difficult days, embroidery and textile painting.
Wanderer, book edition, digital drawing
Dávid Pogran: Wanderer, book edition, digital drawing.
Comics, drawing
Helga Pavelková: Comics, drawing.
Digital painting
Sarah Camilla Pekarčíková: Digital painting.
Kiko, digital painting and collage
Barbora Lovíšková: Kiko, digital painting and collage.

A combination of  individual approach and project teaching is applied. Students are led to team cooperation, independent problem solving and to gain the ability of presenting their final semestral projects. The emphasis is on creativity and originality, taking into account the unique personality of each student. The flexibility of the teaching structure enables cooperation with other departments of the AFAD, and the visiting teachers from partner institutions and other external experts are invited to expand the educational process. This is done through lectures, workshops and participation of students at domestic and foreign professional events. Students regularly participate in ERASMUS+ study programme.

In terms of professional and technological training, students complete a full range of printmaking and illustration techniques classes. At the department of printmaking is a workshop for intaglio and relief printing, screen printing and digital workplace which is available to all students of illustration studio. Illustration is taught on a full scale according to genre focus - Board Books, Picture Books, Art Books, Fiction, Non fiction, Editorial, Comics. The main studio is accompanied by a block of professional lessons with a focus on typography, bookbinding and digital techniques.The study programme is divided into three-levels: bachelor's 4-year, completed with the degree of Bc., Master's 2-year, completed with the title of Mgr. art and doctoral 3-year study programme, completed with the degree of ArtD.

Studio of Illustration and Printmaking

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