Ksenia Rozhak-Lytvynenko: The art of the First World War in Ukraine and Slovakia: comparative characteristics

The Department of Theory and History of Art sincerely invites you to an open lecture Ksenia Rozhak-Lytvynenko «The art of the First World War in Ukraine and Slovakia: comparative characteristics», which will be held on Monday, December 19, 2022 at 16:00 at the address: Hvezdoslavova Square, 18, room 220. It will also be possible to join the lecture online, using online translation (pre-registration is not required).



in room 220 (1st floor), Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18


on Monday December 19, 2022 at  4 p.m.


The lecture will be held in Ucrainian with full english subtitles.

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(pre-registration is not required)



During the lecture, the results of the scientific research conducted by the author with the support of the Slovak Arts Council, project No. 101 / 2022, subprogram 3.8 "Research and critical reflection of art in emigration" (Š) will be presented.


The main purpose of the study was to draw parallels between the cultural and artistic characteristics of two defining artistic phenomena, the emergence of which had been largely determined by the tragic events of the First World War. These are the artistic group of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (Ukrayinski Sichovi Strilci), and the phenomenon of the so-called "Košice modernism". Within the framework of these phenomena, such artists as Ivan Ivanets, Osyp Sorokhtei, Osyp Kurylas, Lev Gets (Ukraine), Anton Jasusch, Eugen Krón, František Foltin, Július Jakoby (Slovakia) were creating.

Despite different historical and social themes and artistic tasks, the activities of artists who were working during the war and the post-war period in Ukraine and Slovakia had a lot in common. The horrors of the war became realities that had shaped a whole generation of artists throughout Europe, and were a key theme of artistic reflections for decades. The internal need to reflect their own experiences and impressions on the military theme was combined with the desire to develop in the direction of current artistic trends - impressionism, expressionism, symbolism. How artists responded to these challenges, taking into account national specifics, and what conclusions can be drawn from the synchronicity of the artistic processes in our countries is the key topic of the discussion.



Kseniia Rozhak-Lytvynenko is the art-critic and lecturer of art history from Ukraine. Since 2019 she has been working as an Associate Professor at the Studio of Interior Design, Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design at the National Aviation University in Kiev. She teaches Course in the History of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design and Course "The Personal brand of the designer". She is also the author of the educational online project "Art-Tours" which conducts online trainings in art history for kids and adults. The main topic of her scientific interests is the art of the first half of the twentieth century.



The lecture is carried out within research which was supported by the Slovac Art Council, Call no. 101 / 2022, subprogram 3.8 Research and critical reflection on art in exile (Š)

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