Gréta Mária Srnová is a next AFAD resident in Paris

From January 2023, Gréta Mária Srnová, a graduate of the Department of Painting at the AFAD, will spend an art residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. For the next three months, she will have the opportunity to focus on her work and use the studio provided by the AFAD in cooperation with partners in Paris.

Gréta Mária Srnová (*1994, Bratislava) graduated in 2020 from the Studio of Painting III. under the supervision of Rastislav Podhorský and Martin Špirec. During her studies at the AFAD, however, she also completed internal internships at the Sculpture, Object, Installation and Intermedia departments. After school, she completed an internship at Berengo studio on Murano in Venice, where she worked as an assistant in the glass studio. She exhibits her work independently, as well as in group exhibitions, especially in Slovakia.

Artists, collaboration with snails
Gréta Mária Srnová: Artists, collaboration with snails, 2022.
Humor, fear and citizen
Gréta Mária Srnová: Humor, fear and citizen, 2020.
New reality
Gréta Mária Srnová: New reality, 2019.
Gréta Mária Srnová: Pleinair, 2021.
1-3 gender
Gréta Mária Srnová: 1-3 gender, 2020.
Gréta Mária Srnová: 2.
2-3 time
Gréta Mária Srnová: 2-3 time, 2021.
Bachelors thesis
Gréta Mária Srnová: Bachelors thesis, 2018.

During her residency, she would mainly like to focus on developing her artistic ideas and devote her time to creation:

"I intend to fully use my stay for research and to deal with the topic, which, however, I have to find and appropriate only at the place of the residency. I can say with certainty that, knowing the nature and character of my work so far, I mainly transform my personal and social dissatisfaction "with the state of the world", either into a humorous, performative or engaged form.

Currently, in my work I mainly use more intimate forms (smaller format, landscape painting/pleinair) of expression and introspection, but I choose this approach because of my personal conviction that it is necessary to sensitise relationships in society and to be a part of it myself. I would like to continue this at the residency, or use the physical space for implementation to a greater format, (...)."


You can see the work of Gréta Mária Srnová on her Instagram profile.



Eight AFAD graduates applied within the third open call, from which the AFAD commission (composed of: Sylvia Jokelová, Beata Jablonská, Naďa Kančevová, Barbora Komarová and Lucia G. Stach) selected three candidates for the second round. In the second round, the committee at Cité (Vincent Gonzalvez – director of the residencies department, Souraya Kessaria – Program of Residencies and Partnerships) chose Gréta Mária Srnová for the first residency in 2023. From the selection of the committee sent by the AFAD, the residency centre also chose another resident for the stay, which will take place from April to June this year. He also is a graduate of the Department of Painting - Juraj Ďuriš.


Congratulations to both and we wish you a creative and inspiring stay in Paris!


The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava has established a long-term cooperation with the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. This provides an opportunity for the academy to send twice a year authors from Slovakia who work in the fields of visual arts, design, architecture, restoration and art theory.




  • Slovak Institute in Paris
  • Cité internationale des arts Paris
  • Tatra Banka Foundation