prof. PhDr. Zora Rusinová, PhD., Mgr. Ján Kralovič, PhD.

Publisher: VŠVU

Year of publication: 2020

ISBN 978-80-8189-037-6

The almanac Picture / Frame / Space (eds: Zora Rusinová - Ján Kralovič. Bratislava: University of Fine Arts 2020) is a publication extension of the papers presented at the interdisciplinary conference of the same name. The editorial intention is based on an analytical interest in the functions of frame and framing in the context of various artistic genres (painting, performance, drawing, architecture, film, dance), aesthetics and philosophy. The individual studies present a wide range of views on the mutual relations of the frame and the painting, but also note the changes in the understanding of the spatial limits and boundaries of the work in various types of art from the Middle Ages to the present. The aim of the publication is to present texts representing various methodological strategies for the definition and application of concepts that are connected with the field of artistic and philosophical disciplines. The collection contains texts of Czech and Slovak experts: M. Zervan, P. Michalovič, Z. Rusinová, M. Šedík, L. Sýkorová, P. Dub, J. Bencová, M. Mitášová, J. Kralovič, M. Ševčík, I. Gerát, R. Karul, N. Lacko.