OPEN CALL for the 17th anniversary of the Department of Intermedia!

Dear all, In celebration of the 17th anniversary of the Department of Intermedia, we are preparing an exhibition at the Pistori Palace in April 2024. We would like to invite you, as graduates, students, whether at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral level at the Department of Intermedia, to participate in an open call for a group anniversary exhibition.



The conditions for participation are as follows:


  • Enrollment in the Department of Intermedia at the bachelor's, master's, or ArtD. level.
  • Submission of any number of works (created exclusively during your studies at the department) in a PDF file with photo documentation, or a link to video, along with a description (title, year, brief annotation), and a description of their current status (available for exhibition or existing only in the form of photo documentation).
  • Please send your works to the email:
  • The deadline for participating in the open call is November 13, 2023


All students, graduates, whether currently active in the art scene or not, are welcome to participate in the open call. Your works will be incorporated into the final presentation for the anniversary of the Department of Intermedia, even if not included in the exhibition itself.

We look forward to receiving your messages!

  • Curatorial Team: Zuzana Jakalová, Adrián Kobetič, and Miroslava Urbanová
  • Coordinator: Petra Nela Pučeková


OPEN CALL Intermedia 17 years


date of ZOOM meeting: