Glass exhibition in Trenčín until September 9 + RTVS report online

The Topography of the Landscape exhibition is running in the Gallery of M. A. Bazovský in Trenčín until September 9. It was prepared by Palo Macho, teacher from the Studio of Glass. The exhibition presents works by 27 authors from Slovakia and Portugal, including our students, graduates and teachers, who in their work are dedicated to the image on glass in its various forms and combinations.

If you have not a possiblity of travelling to Trenčín, you can watch the report, where you will learn more about the exhibition directly from the curator. Moreover, Žofia Dubová will say something more about the workshop she led at school in Portugal, and other authors talk about the specifics of work and painting on glass.


Report from the Exhibition in RTVS Archive



For more information on the Exhibition please see the original invitation