Body economics in art historical and theoretical discourses

Jana Oravcová

Publisher: Slovart, VŠVU

Year of publication: 2011

ISBN: 978-80-556-0439-8

The topic of body, corporeality and sexuality and the related issues of subjectivity and identity are currently among the current problems that are coming to the fore not only in art theory, criticism and practice, but also in the field of research of many social science disciplines. The publication Body Economics in Art Historical and Theoretical Discourses provides insight into body and corporality issues and through broader methodological approaches (poststructuralism, feminist, gender, psychoanalytic, phenomenological, sociological, anthropological approaches) and together with the content structure opens a wide range of topics and content. . Likewise, the modernist concept of universality and objectivity will become the target of a critical view of the subject of the body and corporality. A constructivist perspective in which the body is not a stable entity, but always constituted in relation to the external and internal context (gender, gender, racial, class, ethnic otherwise marked and experienced), and which never views the representation of the body as an impartial activity, but always associated with certain (political, power) interests - in this process of knowledge will create a solid framework with an open end.

Body economics in art historical and theoretical discourses – cover of publication