By Appointment Only

The "By Appointment Only" exhibition takes you into a world where perfection is part of everyday reality. Behind the elegant doors, an oasis of peace and relaxation awaits you, where the outside noise fades away into silence. Come and immerse yourself in an environment that soothes the senses and at the same time makes you think about the hidden layers of perfection. Reserve a moment for yourself and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere that combines luxury with a subtle hint of mystery. ......... We are looking forward to you!



  • Opening: 7/5/2024 at 7:00 p.m

  • duration of the exhibition: 8. - 21.5.2024

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is an artist and an AFAD graduate in the Department of Painting. In her paintings, she explores the themes of femininity in the period of neo-feminism in a male-dominated society. Her paintings depict a woman in control, where Beňová depicts the complexity of female sexuality revealing its beauty and ugliness, strength and fragility. She captures the dynamic interplay of asserting dominance and surrendering it. Beňová approaches this exploration with wit and humor, almost as mockingly showing male screenwriters how to create a girl character.



is a master's student at the Department of Painting at the AFAD. She deals with hybrid corporeality by connecting organic scenes and fragments of human bodies with scenes of the inorganic world into abstracted images and objects that together create a dystopian spatial situation. The human body, which is systematically connected to other beings, thus becomes a plural, a disturbingly ambivalent entity or a genderless monster.



is currently a bachelor's student at the Department of Painting at the AFAD. In her work, she has been using a postmodern and ironic approach with references to pop culture and American B-movie cinema for a long time. It is based on personal themes and Slovak realities, transforming the subject through an organic process, in which she applies the approaches of expanded painting with an emphasis on material and three-dimensional space.



is a visual artist working in the mediums of ceramics, drawing and painting. In her work, she critically reviews the function and potential of applied art in contemporary society. Her works reflect various cultural, social and political problems in the countries of Eastern Europe and depict the specifics of this environment and way of thinking. Currently, she is interested in topics such as the nuclear family and its public portrayal, hunting as a masculine hobby, the relationship between disciplinary institutions, the household and pornography. In her technological research, she experiments with large-format ceramic objects, taking into account the preservation of their functionality. She is currently a third-year doctoral student.



  • band ~ La Washa
  • DJ ~ dcerka
  • catering ~ Patrick Hujo
  • pic by Romana Molitorová
  • graphic design by Lilla Gombos



The project was supported from the public resources of the Slovak Art Coucil and Tatra Banka.


By Appointment Only - poster - four pink ladies