Diploma exhibition and closing party at Rare

We invite you to the opening of the The Supernative Natures thesis work exhibition and music event in the RARE Cultural Space and in the courtyard of AFAD on Hviezdoslavovo námestie. The event will take place on Thursday 15 June 2023 at 6pm.


RARE CULTURAL SPACE / in the courtyard of AFAD at Hviezdoslavovo sq.18.


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18:15 ~ Samuel D. Abrahám ~

  • A graduate of Leiden University in the Netherlands who creates, presents and loves music. On his returns to Slovakia he is happy to share his music. This time with you!


  • Digästorcie was originally formed at the AFAD in Bratislava. Their music is melodic, stylistically variable and contrasting. The introspective lyrics touch on relationships, fears, confusion but also determination. The instrumentation of guitars, drums, vocals and keyboards brings a raw sound somewhere in the boundaries of alternative rock..

20:00 ~ DIMM ~

  • Dominik Demčák, also known as DIMM, is a music producer and DJ based in Bratislava. DIMM's sets cross boundaries, mixing influences of rave, techno and post-punk with dirty electro sounds that darken and sweat the space. In this atmosphere, the subwoofers push themselves to their limits along with the audience, encouraging you to dance like nobody's watching.

21:00 ~ FallingVeil (Bloodbath Collective) ~

  • FallingVeil is a Bratislava based DJ who works mostly with tekno, but also hard-trance, gabber and breakcore. His favorite activity is finding super-crazy songs on Soundcloud and wearing a balaclava.


However, if you are interested, you can support us with cash (thrown into the cash box) directly at the event, or you can also support us financially to the following account: IBAN: SK51 8330 0000 0021 0252 0153


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Klementína Knezlová x Drž hubu! x Eva Miklisová x Dominik Demčák ~ The Supernova Natures!

"The intention of my thesis, The Supernova Natures, is to present a complex space that is my utopian vision of the future. It is based on the current state of our planet and is a response to the climate crisis, but instead of materializing and visualizing negative emotions or facts, it tries to present a vision where humans live in harmony with nature. It connects people, nature and the universe itself into one whole and refers to the idea that we are all an equal part of it.

The work connects abstract visuals, living organisms, material experiments, objects and photographs generated by artificial intelligence. It brings together all the important content elements that make up this utopian vision of the future. Several collaborations also came naturally with the work, as cohesion and collaboration towards a single goal also captures the idea of the work.

The most important is the collaboration with the civic association Drž Hubu!, which provided mycelial materials for the entire thesis, as well as the living mushrooms themselves. I am also collaborating with the fashion designer Eva Miklisová, who is interested in sustainable, zerowaste fashion, and we designed a garment for the project that represents the idea of the whole thesis. The space in which the thesis is located is complemented by sound, which was provided by Dominik Demčák.

The thesis is not primarily intended to act as a critique of humanity. It is meant to point out the alarming state we are in, but to show that we have hope to reverse even such a critical situation. It is meant to enthuse the viewer and help them to realise that they are part of a greater whole, without which humanity cannot function on its own. It emphasises the importance of nature and its diversity and motivates the viewer to act in accordance with it. The contribution of the work is to provide a new, more positive view of the future, through the presentation of sustainable approaches and ideas." (Klementína Knezlová)