As part of this year's Fulla Days, an interesting event emerged place, in which multiple alumni of our academy participated.

SNG – Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu

Makovického 1, 03401, Ružomberok

TUE - SUN 10:00 - 17:30


"Again, we provoke a little; in the building where we can no longer exhibit Full's works, designers Michaela Chmeličková and Paulína Ebringerová created an exclusive supermarket of Full's style at the request of curator Zuzana Gažíková. In it you will find only the original assortment. "Goods" ranging from clothes, jewelry and accessories, to toys and something practical for the home, to decorative objects and paintings were supplied by well-known brands: Michaela Bednárová, Simona Čechová, Michal Hanula, Renata Ormandíková, Monika Pascoe Mikyšková, Mira Podmanická, . (Simona Janišová, Linda Viková), Lenka Sršňová, Martin Smatana... An exceptional offer for those who appreciate Slovak art and design."

Free entry until capacity is filled.