When will it finally end

We would love to invite you to the opening of the exhibition When will it finally end by illustrators Romana Bejdová, Helga Pavelková, Klaudia Zorgovská and Alžbeta Božeková on Friday 18. 8. 2023 from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m..   We are looking forward to your visit!



  • Opening: 18. 8. 2023, 7 p.m.

  • Exhibition duration: 18. 8. - 22. 9. 2023



  • Romana Bejdová,
  • Helga Pavelková,
  • Klaudia Zorgovská,
  • Alžbeta Božeková


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At the exhibition When will it finally end, each author describes one of the possible approaches of walking through life towards its end. They depict experiencing, searching and a critical perspective, but all with humor. Illustrators can’t take themselves that seriously.


Romana Bejdová 

created a series of linocuts using absurdity and exaggeration. Three are inspired by religious painting and photography and they criticize consumerism and fanatical worship of a brand, the perception of a woman-mother and accumulation of wealth as opposed to asceticism. The fourth and fifth deal with overpopulation, environment and pollution.

Romana Bejdová is primarily focused on illustration, especially digital work. For her diploma thesis, she created a fantasy picture book for children named Among the Trees. Currently, she illustrates books of Czech and Slovak authors (mainly novels and poetry) as a self-publisher or through a start-up publishing house Pointa. She also paints half-abstract landscapes using a meditative technique of color pouring, in which she, little by little, tries to add an element of chance. Her paintings should first and foremost calm people down. She also focuses on traditional graphic techniques (linocuts as a response to global social problems), graphic design (logo, typesetting, posters) and writing her own stories.


Alžbeta Božeková

connects analog and digital work. The author humorously captures situations that almost everyone goes through when trying to finish work – deadlines, piles of emails or being stuck. The illustrations are accompanied by short thoughts and a QR code that hides the author’s music playlist, which underlines the plot of the drawings.

Alžbeta Božeková leads a personal experiment of connecting analog and digital work. She works with connecting rasters, structures and layering transparent colored surfaces. This connection is made by trial and error. Sometimes there is more structure in the foreground, other times there is a cleaner surface. She likes to let a traditional graphic message resonate in her work. During the process of creation, this specific analog source rises as first, and then she further builds on it. She draws inspiration from small things around her that make her happy and enrich her in some way. She maps space around her and some moments from her life that make her smile or create wrinkles on her forehead. She is interested in illustration, traditional graphics (screen printing, monotype, linocut) and graphic design.


Klaudia Zorgovská 

works with geometry, perspective, light and atmosphere. In her series Labyrinths, she responds to the complexity of today’s world. Endless intricacy of paths that await us. Neither one of them has the right direction, there is no right decision and we don’t know where it will lead us.

Klaudia Zorgovská focuses on illustration, book creation and games. A common aspect of her work is an exploration of light, color, and their impact on storytelling. In her digital painting, she often connects characters, backgrounds or animals. She utilizes light to create atmospheric storytelling. That often leaves us with a sense of mystery, sadness, fear, or, of course, joy. She tries to express the story through her images and reveal more than it’s written about the characters. She likes to play with the texture of brush strokes, combining them into many layers of paint, although digitally. Additionally, she likes to create her own paintings or experiment in 3D.


Helga Pavelková 

reflects on beauty and usefulness. In her work, she focuses on professions that are not so “useful” at first glance. Artists or athletes work on the beauty of great achievements. But then there are those who bring joy. They create pop culture that knows how to show beautiful things. Beauty inspires only when seen.

Helga Pavelková focused mostly on editorial and book illustration. Her personal work is made of small illustrated thoughts, as she calls them, in which she interprets human behavior, reasoning and motivations. She uses increasingly simpler and simpler line drawings to interpret her observations. According to Helga, illustration is supposed to entertain, educate or decorate. She regards all of these functions as equally valuable and therefore wants to work on different projects. She does not enjoy working in the same style but she hopes that even while using different styles, her handwriting is still apparent. Helga mainly uses digital media but when circumstances allow a longer process, she likes to use ink, collage, acrylic or color pencils.


Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava City Foundation within the project ATELIER XIII – exhibition program 2023