The Jozef Kollár Gallery in Banská Štiavnica cordially invites you to the New Year's Eve guided tour of the Nasuti festival exhibition entitled Divočina (While we danced), which will take place on Saturday, 31 December 2022 at 12:00. Curator Diana Klepoch Majdáková will guide us through the exhibition.


Jozefa Kollár Gallery;

St. Trinity sq. 8, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica


More about the exhibition,

The exhibition of the Nasuti ecological festival entitled Wilderness (While we danced) is dedicated to the topic of anthropocentrism, its origin and the question of the strength of the arguments for its defense, tribal identities and the resulting social upheaval, information overload and related confusion and successful disinformation campaigns, the history of man and his reason , but also wild fun as a tool to release repressed emotions and thoughts, subconsciously hidden but also consciously hidden human nature. The exhibition looks for points where we as humanity are still capable of consensus, identifying and classifying the errors in which we live, trying to break down (or at least disrupt) the barriers that separate us from each other and make mutual understanding impossible. Because only self-reflection and a consensual effort to improve the situation can lead us through a threat that humanity has never faced before.


Exhibiting artists: Peter Barényi, Pali Hovanec, Tomáš Rafa, Martin Špirec, Gabriela Zigová

Curator: Diana Klepoch Majdáková

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