Vernissage of the Nasuti - Wilderness festival exhibition

The Slovak Mining Museum - Jozef Kollár Gallery in Banská Štiavnica cordially invites you to the opening of two new exhibitions, the Nasuti ecological festival exhibition called Wilderness.


Galéria Jozefa Kollára;

Nám. Sv. Trojice 8, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica
Open: THU - SAT, 9:00-17:00


Nasuti - a festival of contemporary art with an environmental focus will take place this year in the city of Banská Štiavnica. In the Great Hall of the Jozef Kollár Gallery, the exhibition of the festival called Wilderness (While we danced) will be held. The exhibition will present works by Petr Barényi, Pali Hovanec, Martin Špirc, Tomáš Rafa and Gabriela Zigová. The curator of the exhibition is Diana Klepoch Majdáková.


The core of the exhibition's narrative is man and his inner experience of the threat of climate catastrophe. We watch how humanity is subject to the displacement of ecological problems, which - although they lead to their further deepening - resembles the proverbial music on the Titanic, giving us the hope of fools until the last moment. We delve into the principles of the popular lifestyle for the present moment, and it's up to us whether we reject it as mere selfishness and hedonism, or embrace the only survival strategy of our species. The exhibition will last until April 30, 2023.