Rastislav Sedlačík After 2022, From the Ashes and Dust of the Colorful Past

We cordially invite you to Rastislav Sedlačík's exhibition in Trenčín.


Nová vlna, Kukučínova 780, NOE Building, Areál Merina, Trenčín



  • Curator: Noro Lacko
  • Graphic design: Marcel Benčík
  • Digital support: Samuel Chovanec



The exhibition is a free continuation of the series FactoryLand / LandSKaping / Catcher Zone, which reflects and thematizes the transformation of the post-industrial landscape through the form of the painting image towards its own expanded painting strategy. The individual names of the series represent a thematic interface, which have slightly different material forms of output, but their method combines the form of the image created by synthesis with the eventual expansion into space. Re-paint, re-size, re-format, re-cycle, pre-painting, pre-formatting, recycling are concepts guiding the strategy of creating individual paintings and installations. The material provision of individual images - objects and spatial constellations works with material recycling, its appropriation - banners (original advertising carriers), repainting of unused canvases, other recycled surfaces, foils with subsequent application of paint. The preparatory painting material, which was created over a long period of time, over several years, mostly in small formats of drawings, collages and xeroxes, resulted in reformatting into larger-sized paintings, in-situ composition, spatial drawing or reduced pictorial and expanded landscape forms. The Nová vlna space offered me an ideal environment for the selection of five new outputs, which continuously follow on from previous realizations. Their selection is contextualized by drawing concepts in a smaller format on paper. The painting - surface (bottom layer) is covered by layers of PVC materials with partial light transmission. The painting as the bottom layer is covered with a "cover" from the industrial segment of packaging materials, packaging assortment or protective surfaces. The spatial drawing is reformatted into a rope drawing from the original open series of LandSKaping drawings. Other realizations freely combine these processes, overlays - overpainting, minimize the image register from previous images, objects, environments and are on the verge of precise media definition. The exhibition is complemented by a post-produced 3D Scan in video format from the Behind the Painting exhibition at PGU Žilina. The video is a virtual walk through the space and was created in collaboration with Samuel Chovanec, who also participated in the implementation of mapping and digital support at previous exhibitions. ZAmaľbou/Behind the Painting (2022) was created in collaboration with curators Noro Lacko, Mira Sikorová-Putišová and Marcel Benčík, then continued at CSW Toruń with the exhibition LandSKaping (2022), curated by Krzysztof Białowicz. Exhibition After 2022, From the Ashes and Dust of the Colorful Past The intention of this project is to follow up on previous realisations that were based on the medium of painting, but their effort was to go beyond their framework.


The exhibition and creation of the works was supported from public sources in the form of a scholarship by the Slovak Art Council.

The exhibition was supported from public funds by the Slovak Art Council and the city of Trenčín.