Pred zrkadlom

We cordially invite you to the exhibition in the Ľudovít Fulla Gallery in Ružomberok


Ľudovíta Fulla Gallery  in Ružomberok

Makovického 1, 034 01  Ružomberok



Curator: Zuzana Gažíková


"The exhibition "Pred zrkadlom" (in front of the mirror) presents five visual artists and designers, authors from various fields of applied art and design, who participate in a joint installation with their works.

Jana Vaterková, Kristína Ligačová, Ester Turečková, Laura Morovská and Jana Budaiová, a generation of recent graduates or still students of art academies, created the exhibition as an environment, the core of which is a collection of author's utility and design artefacts with an emphasis on the originality of execution and the quality of artistic and craft work.


The exhibition, as part of the installation, is complemented by visuals, working with the objects themselves in such a way as to highlight their qualities as much as possible, while visual photography and product photography connect the context of the space and the quality of the architecture with the character of the works. The resulting installation, the creation of a balanced, but also graceful and elegant environment, which is supposed to create an atmosphere of excellence, thus becomes a joint work of art, in which the authors, in addition to their own works, also use the works of invited guests - Emil Taschka and Konsepti."