Karol Pichler – Workshop: Vyšné Rozpravy nad Textilom, alebo cestovný lístok tam a späť, prosím!

The Fiber Art Studio will welcome a prominent figure in the field of intermedial textile art Karol Pichler.

Karol Pichler

intermediate artist, installation creator, designer, textile artist, clothing creator
jeweler, graphic artist, food-artist, teacher ...

In 1985 he graduated at MOME – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. In the years 1986 – 1996 he was pedagogically active at the School of Applied Art in Bratislava. He also intervened pedagogically in Reims and Rio de Janeiro.

Since 1984, Karol Pichler has been exhibiting at individual and group exhibitions from New York, through Sao Paulo to Kyoto. His works are represented in the collections of domestic and international museums and galleries, as well as in private collections. He is the winner of several international awards in design. He completed creative residencies in Switzerland and Italy in 1992 and 1993, and since 1996 he has lived and worked in Surabaya, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. He currently lives in Biarritz, France.

The focus of Pichler's artistic activities lies in free art, but the author crosses and sharpens the boundaries between free and applied art. His work often extends to the sphere of design, fine clothing and jewelry. Both of these positions intersect and enrich each other in Pichler's work. In free art, the author moves in the field of object, installation, site specific, mixed media, graphic printing, action. He has also been interested in working with text and its coding for a long time. The medium of his works is mostly textiles, paper, plastic, or even food, the principle of (visual) play or manipulation with a rational authorial idea concept. As a perceptive (sometimes ironic) observer, focused and sensitive to detail, he selects conventional things and elements from real environments, giving them new meanings in new connections and contexts. He places his projects not only in exhibition halls, but also in commonly available spaces or exteriors of cities. He perceives his own work as an interaction, for which he tries to get both a gallery visitor and a random passer-by.

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