Jana Hxposition/photography/deposit

Crossing the limits of the evidence of artifacts towards the art context

Miloš Alexander Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín, Palackého 27, Trenčín

Curator: Bohunka Koklesová

Exhibition architect: Marcel Benčík

The exhibition shows endless rows of registration cabinets, details as well as whole entities of various plants and animals. For the author, these motifs are only a starting point, because she continues to work with them in such a way that she goes beyond the scope of documenting collections, not only by the choice of image, composition, or combination of object and space. Simply, museum culture, but also the historical-photographic context become the basis for work within the installation, the author is interested in the role of aesthetics in this process. Despite the enormous number of shots from individual locations, the installation itself is a space where the artistic aspirations of the work are fulfilled. A very special combination of photographs from various locations and gardens in various technical designs and installations exceeds the limits of the evidence of artifacts towards the art context. Interpretation, context, experiment - all this is the basic style of the author.

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