FLUIDITY: Mária Štvrtecká, Michaela Bodnárová

As part of the Mercedes - Benz Fashion Live! our graduate of the Department of Textiles, Mária Štvrtecká, will present a new collection called FLUIDITY. Fabric patterns for this collection were created by puojd by Michaela Bodnárová, also a graduate of the Department of Textiles.



  • Fluidity: 14. 10. 2023

    • MBFL festival 13 - 15. 10. 2023



  • Mária Štvrtecká
  • The author of fabric patterns is @puojd
  • The collection will include glasses from @optikazita,
  • shoes from @humanicshoes
  • and handbags from @kearstore



"With the Fluidity collection, I try to analyze the present and its influence on people's behavior, based on the ideas of Zigmunt Bauman. I transfer the fluidity of time to the collection both visually and conceptually. In the collection, I work with the form of a travel coat, which I perceive as a symbol of impermanence and wandering. At the same time, I also see it as a certain protection from the world, a social cloak similar to our masks/personas through which we socialize. At the same time, I look for inspiration in art and work with concepts such as changeability, impermanence, movement, mirroring, fluidity or fluidity, which are reflected in the patterns of fabrics and in the processing of materials. I develop these themes with the multi-genre designer Michaela Bednárová, who works under the Puojd brand, and in this case is the author of the fabric patterns."

Mária Štvrtecká



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