Art Chit Chat every Friday until the end of April

Event for all AFAD students. Show one of your artworks and get kind, fun and constructive feedback from other artists. Connect with others by sharing your feelings about their art. Its in room D 177 on Drotárská cesta.


  • D177  (Ceramics studio)
  • 1. floor of the Drotárska cesta building.
  • see the attached map



  • Every Friday till the end of April, 15:30 - 17:00.



Art Chit Chat is an art networking event created for all AFAD students. This event's main idea is to give students of all specializations and years the opportunity to expose their art and get feedback without being criticized, labeled, or limited. The same students can also express their feelings and sensations regarding the artworks of other students. In this way, everybody can get more ideas about their own work and get inspired by the creations of others in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Each student represents their one artwork which will be displayed on the projector (photo/video/sketch, etc.) Physical artwork is welcomed as well!

  • No critics.

  • No judging.

  • Just comfort and a pleasant atmosphere of sharing.



This is a great opportunity to connect with new friends, as well, as the event will be run in multiple languages (Slovak, English, Ukrainian).

The event will be led by Alyona Futsur, counselor of the Support and Counseling Center.


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Art Chit Chat map