Archipelago of attention

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the youngest generation of artists at Trafo Gallery in Prague. Our school is represented by Lilla Gombos, Oksana Sadovenko and Kamil Šlapák.



    • Bubenské nábřeží 306/13
      (Hall 14) Holešovice
      170 00 Praha 7


  • Opening: on Tuesday, June 25 from 7 p.m

  • Guided tour: 17.7. from 18:00

  • Duration of the exhibition: 26.06.2024 – 11.08.2024


  • Karel Srp, Jan Kudrna


  • Kateřina Frgalová, Martin Gebert, Lilla Gombos, Oskar Hořánek, Lucie Hošková, Martin Jech, Tereza Mátlová, Zhatera Runa, Oksana Sadovenko, Kamil Šlapák, Andrea Naďa Tomčíková, Natálie Želeva.


More info at the gallery webpage.


An exhibition of twelve artists of the youngest generation, working in the media of painting, sculpture and intermedial installation.

What does solitude mean today? Is it the last layer in which one can still be with oneself? It is possible to connect various approaches, each of which speaks its own language, of authors who do not even know each other and who come from many places, in one exhibition, without applying any method of current generational understanding, it is possible to find attitudes that are as close as possible to each other do they distance and define each other? Can gaps be discovered in the growing socialization, preserving a distinctive expression, dominated by ambiguous individual experiences that escape the shared, overwhelming everyday life? Art remained one of the few areas that resisted all kinds of external and internal pressures, a place of last salvation before falling into nothingness, an area that lifted the view from the mundane, a surviving island in which a condition that can be characterized as preoccupation is still preserved. One of its sources is solitude, a crack, surrounded by insignificance, fullness in emptiness, irrelevance, not intersected by coordinates. The island and the rift are mutually intertwined assumptions, as if one could not exist without the other. The features of preoccupation include differentiation, the effort to be outside, not to become part of a generational, group, stylistic program, a link in the wheel of the world of art and its operation.  

A fundamental moment in today's world, and not only in art, is the art of concentration. Maintaining attention in a specific fluid organism, which we collectively call society, is an essential general prerequisite for creation. In a wide range of approaches, techniques and source inspirations, we find a common denominator, which is bias. The current generation of the youngest authors is based on the almost unlimited possibilities of visual inspiration, based on the laws of the "Flat World". It is possible to function in various thought patterns, in techniques that are practically unlimited thanks to the possibilities of the time. However, the very essence of creation ideally hides in bias. As for the painting itself, including their borderline positions, we follow several important streams of inspiration around which the generation of the youngest authors is profiled. However the boundaries between individual approaches are not impenetrable and clearly defined, we clearly perceive tendencies and directions that are decisive.


Archipelago of attention - invitation