AFAD Glass Part One: Design

The Satelit Gallery presents a cross-sectional exhibition of student works focused on design and applied arts from the Glass Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Satelit Design Gallery, Hurban Barracks, Kollárovo nám. 10, Bratislava

The works were created during the last ten years, when doc. Mgr. art. Patrik Illo took over the studio. Three teachers of the studio - Patrik Illo, Palo Macho and Milan Opálka - are also represented at the exhibition. It is the first of the planned pair of exhibitions, the second part will take place next year and maps the work of students focused on free glassmaking. This stratification results from the concept of the studio, which gives the same space to both lines framing the discipline of glass - both design and fine art.
The exhibition collection consists of almost 100 works from the studio's archives, which were created as semester, bachelor's and master's theses. They are documents of the pedagogical process that leads students to think freely about the role of glass design and its application in real life, to break stereotypes in relation to design and art, to experiment in expression, function and technological processes. Students have the opportunity to get to know the craft tradition of the field, use it and confront it with their own ideas and intentions. They get the opportunity to implement their projects in a real glassworks environment and gain valuable practical experience. The work from the semester assignments testifies to the search for one's own expression and creativity. Bachelor's and especially several master's theses are already original authorial projects. They indicate the formation of new creative individuals who are entering a professional career.

Patrik Illo: “The projects, the results of which we present at the exhibition, characterize how we approach the solution and the way of thinking about the subject. It should not only be utilitarian and aesthetic, but should prove the reason for its existence. My ambition is for students to understand what the subject is about, what its function is, what its relationship to technology is. What this means is to create an object in a given time, space and in relation to the past and the future, ie very globally. I lead them to think about objects as such. There are not many types of real glass utility objects, a cup, a vase, a bowl .... it is easy to find your way around. But the goal is to find the essence of objects, to answer the questions of why a new object should be created, what is its new value. "
List of exhibiting students: Filip Plačko, Peter Ďuriš, Lucia Regásková, Jozef Gabriš, Marta Vjatráková-Matejková, Daria Popolitova (Estonia), Aleksandra Stencel (Poland), Patrick Huth (Germany), Štefan Nosko, Núria Bondarenko (Spain), Aleksandra Satlawa (Poland), Patrícia Šichmanová, Igor Kováč, Lenka Husárková-Skalická (Czech Republic), Malgorzata Koneczna (Poland), Kristína Ligačová, Katarína Pozorová, Dominik Pirháč, Petra Molnárová, Zuzana Kováčiková, Ján Barkóci
Teachers: Patrik Illo, Palo Macho, Milan Opálka

Curators: Adriena Pekárová, Patrik Illo
Exhibition architecture: Michal Illo, Patrik Illo
Graphic design: Peter Nosáľ

Satelit Design Gallery
Slovak Design Center
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Year of Slovak design

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Supported using public funding by Slovak Art Council.

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