Strategies (Iconic Ruins)

Editors: Ján Studený, Vít Halada

Publisher: VŠVU

Release Year: 2019

ISBN: 987-80-8189-028-4


Excerpt from the book: “Architects no longer create visions of the future. They are unable to define a program that would evoke a response and could be an accelerator of movement and ideas of their building partners. Not even in art and certainly not in science, architecture and its protagonists do not play the role that historically belongs to them and that they represented in the recent past." (author: Ján Studený)


A book was made possible thanks to the support of: grant program of Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic KEGA, project No. 07VŠVU-4/2016, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, WSE (West Slovak Energy).

Strategies (Iconic Ruins) - cover