Oskar Čepan and visual arts. Čepan's editions. Čepan's texts. Texts about Čepan.

Marián Zervan, Norbert Lacko

Publisher: VŠVU/Slovart

Year of publication: 2019

EAN: 9788055630830


The publication, which was published in cooperation with AFAD, focuses on the art-theoretical thinking of Oskar Čepan, an important theorist and historian of literature, art theorist and critic. The book consists of three parts, the first contains Čepan's anthologies dedicated to the Russian avant-gardes, among other things, the hitherto unpublished, scrapped edition of Tatlin's initiative during normalization. The second part consists of Čepan's studies on visual arts and introductions to the exhibitions. The publication concludes with texts about Čepan - historical-theoretical studies evaluating his indisputable contribution to Slovak art culture and its reflection.

The publication was supported from public sources by the Art Support Fund.


Oskar Čepan and visual arts - cover