Local Traditions – Global Future

Editorial office: Katarína Hubová

Publisher: VŠVU (VRC-Katedra dizajnu)

Release Year: 1998

ISBN: 80-88675-53-7


Excerpt from the preface: "Changes in design education are also related to the changing content of the word design, and that is why we welcomed the idea of ​​the Slovak Design Center to have the Design Department of AFAD in Bratislava participate in the organization of the international conference "Local traditions, global future". As part of this cooperation, our department has set a priority to collect material from various experts and publish a publication or collection of lectures that would serve as a certain database of information and inspiration, especially for our students. We consider our anthology a pilot, because the need for information is more and more current." (authors: Štefan Klein, Katarína Hubová)


The project was financially supported by KEGA.


Local Traditions – Global Future - cover